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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to Utilize from Snapshot Panel in Scrivener?

Hi everybody, at the end of this scrivener lesson you will have learned how to utilize from the snapshots panel in scrivener. As everybody knows that sometimes it is very important to take the copy of our text in order to see or compare the past and present situation of our writing draft. The Scrivener makes this very easy for us. The snapshot panel allows us take many snapshots of our manuscript as we want, here it is.

celal öney
Before we open snapshot panel in scrivener we have to open inspector panel which I indicate with the arrow number 1. The arrow number two shows the icon for opening the snapshot panel. After opening the panel we will see an empty area, at the top of the empty area there are two columns one of them restored for the date of the snaps. The arrow number 3 shows the date column and the other column which is for the titles. Date and title columns will be automatically filled when you take snapshot. By the way, the title will be “Untitled”. Let’s see.

At above picture the arrow number 1 shows the icon for taking snapshot and the arrow number 4, to delete the snap. The arrow number 2 shows that the snaps date and title, having a date with a title is very important because of possibility of turning back our previous text one day. Anyway, we can continue, as you can see with the arrow 2 I selected first snapshot at the panel, the arrow number 3 shows the stuff of selected snapshot. You can scroll the snapshot and give a title.

However, guess you want to roll back because you would have realized that you had a mistake, how you will turn back to your previous snapshot? It is easy because scrivener has a Rollback button at the snapshot panel. But you had better select the snapshot which you want to roll back at first than click Roll back button.
At the above picture the arrow number 1 shows the selected snapshot which I want to roll back than I click the “Roll Back” button which I indicate with the number 2 arrow. After clicking the button a warn window will be opened for asking us that if we are sure for making the change otherwise the present draft will be lost.

In this scrivener tutorial we learned how to utilize from snapshot panel in scrivener. Hope to be useful.
Celal Öney
Şanlıurfa 2016

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